Paperless Towel FAQs

Sizing details

Our Unpaper Towels are approximately 7x11", which is similar in size to a half-sheet paper towel (which measure about 6x11).

The fabric is prewashed, so towels should not shrink when they are washed according to the wash instructions. If you dry your towels on high heat, which is not advised, they will probably shrink a little.

Can I roll the Unpaper Towels on a roll? Can you add snaps?

They don't cling to a roll since they are not made of flannel. If you'd like to add snaps, you crafty people can attempt that on your own!

I store mine folded in half in my towel drawer. If you're short on drawer space or want to keep your towels within reach, try a napkin holder, crock, or basket on your counter.

How do I wash them?

Wrinse and wring your towels after use, and hang to dry while you are waiting for laundry day (such as over the side of the sink or laundry basket).

When you're ready to wash, throw them in your machine on cold and tumble dry low (or air dry). We recommend phosphate-free detergent to decrease fading, and remember not to use any fabric softeners which will decrease absorbency. Do not bleach. Washing or drying on hotter settings may cause your towels to shrink a little more depending on how hot your machines run.